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Monkey Stuff 5 stars from READERS FAVORITE


My first book Monkey Stuff received a 5 star review from READERS FAVORITE

readers favorite 5 star reviewReviewed by Kristie I.

"Monkey Stuff: A Children's Rhyming Counting Book," written and illustrated by Rebecca Bielawski, is an adorable story about a mischievous monkey told while teaching numbers one through ten. Each number represents an object or objects that the monkey steals from an animal or person. The monkey steals a cow's bell, a horse's four horseshoes, a princess's seven pearls, and nine apples from an apple tree, to name a few. In the end it is stated that maybe the monkey is not so bad as he returns the items, but really he is returning them because his mum told him to.

This is a book that young children will want to read and look at over and over again. The illustrations are cute and entertaining and are filled with details. The emotions and expressions that come onto the faces of those losing their objects are well-done as are the pictures of the monkey. I really liked the illustration of the monkey wearing hot mitts and running off with the buns. Written in rhyme, the story is catchy and holds the attention of young children well. I like that each number is written boldly and plainly so that children can learn to recognize the number and identify it along with being able to associate it with the number of objects on the page. This is a great resource for children to help reinforce counting skills and number recognition. Moreover, it is also an enjoyable book to read.

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