To Translate or Not to Translate


To many of you, the thought has probably entered your head; If I can make money selling my books to the English reading community, why don't I translate them to a bunch of other languages and make even more? Well, there a few things that you might not have considered.

I would say that unless you have a clear reason why you want to translate your book to a different language, as part of a strategy that includes marketing (in a foreign language), think carefully before you attempt it. How much is it going to cost? How difficult is it going to be? What do I hope to achieve exactly? Will it be worth the time, effort and money?

For children's picture books, graphic novels, cook books and other formats with a heavy illustration element the transition could be relatively simple as there is little text and in many cases the images, can be recycled. But to translate a full length novel could be an expensive and complicated endeavour.

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