Do kids read ebooks? Do parents buy ebooks for their kids?


I asked myself the same questions.  Is it worth the extra effort? The answer is yes, I think so anyway. Ebooks will never replace printed children's books or at least I hope they never do but they definitely have a place. 

  • They are a great marketing tool for authors 
  • They cost nothing to produce 
  • They are cheaper so parents can buy to see if they want to spend money on the printed book
  • Instantaneous download to your reading device
  • Great for vacations, travelling with children or keeping them amused as you wait in the doctor's waiting room.
  • As devices become better, bigger, lighter and cheaper sales should increase

I figure, if you have written a kids' book, you have the digital images from when you made your print book then you might as well take advantage and make the ebooks as well.  That said, it is not as easy to make an ebook that will work well on most devices and the format is still extremely restricted in terms of images and special text.